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And today's cracktastic (het! wtf!)1 drabble is:

Things She's Learning

"In boca al lupo!" they say here, before exams. Nervously grinning classmates chanting their own good luck as much as Dawn's. She grins back, but not with nerves. Grow up -- or think you did -- in Boca del Inferno, and other teeth lose their edge. A test is just a test, not the mouth of anything worth fearing, and the wolf... is just an old friend she never really met. Until she walked right into him, her head down over a book, in the Piazza Navona; almost knocked his guitar into the fountain, but he just smiled.

She likes his mouth.


1 Because I rarely am inspired to write het, not because [insert longstanding fannish slash/het/yadda yadda argy-bargy here.]
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