I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

This Just In

Things Which Will Never Stop Being Funny

x. Puppets
x. "Bitch, please."
x. The fact that the HairDini Magic Styling Wand comes in a box with "For external use only" marked on it
x. Jayne's hat with the ear-flaps
x. Guy + Big Stick = OTP
x. Puppets

Things Which Were Funny Once, But Are No Longer, So STOP

x. Colin Quinn
x. The Whaaambulance
x. Anything in marquee tags, but especially animated ascii images
x. tl;dr [Too Long; Didn't Read]

Things Which Are Currently Funny, But Soon To Migrate Upwards

x. The Give A Fuck O Meter.

Things Which Were Never Funny

x. That 'arguing on the internet = special olympics' thing
x. The annoying cheerleaders sketch with Will Farrell on SNL

Things Which Are Only Funny At 4 a.m.

x. ElimiDate
x. Yak cheese

Tags: general silliness
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