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Music Meme because Music, Whee!

1. Total volume of music files on my computer: This computer? 3.28 GB, 895 songs. Most of which are in my basic playlist, but about 100 are new music from zortified that I haven't gone through to listen to song-by-song yet, so they're in a separate folder, getting transferred into the main one as I listen and decide if I like or not.

2. The Last CD I bought was: Bought two at ConneXions, which is actually a small haul for me, compared to last year.

Not Everybody Dies by Erica Neely (aka catalana for fandom is way too small). Filk, with a melodramatic but fun feel to it. (I was expecting the title song to be serious; turns out it's the songwriter mocking her own reputation for writing deathdeathdeath and destruction OMG.) There's a B5-related song that's very enjoyable -- not a breakaway pop hit TM Anya, but good stuff.

Drunken Angel by Michael Longcor (Please stop me from looking to see if he has an LJ? Please? It's a disease.) with the Celtic-rock band Tempest. Also filk, but much more accessible to the general public. Filk and folk mixed together with a rock edge to some of it. I owned DA in cassette, but took the opportunity to pick it up in cd form because I like it that much. Windward Passage is a beautiful 'guy and his boat' song, only it's a guy and his spacecraft; The Only Help You'll Get is creepy-earworming post-apoc survivalist stuff.

3. The Last Song I Listened To Before Writing This: "Annan Waters" - Kate Rusby.

4. Five songs I listened to a lot this week month (for I haven't been listening to a lot of music since I got back until today, but boy did I replay things on the drive to and from Baltimore):

Sparrows - Gayleen Froese -- it's a filk, more or less, in that it's inspired by QAF-UK, but it's completely original in content, and very affecting. I believe I discovered it originally through wordsofastory.

I Confess - Mark Weigle.

If I Were You - Kasey Chambers.

Smooth - Santana.

Yonder Blue - Christine Lavin

5. Five people I am passing this baton to:

You and you and you and you and you.

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