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Not So Deep Whovian Thoughts

Well, deeper than OMG squee he looked at Rose's cleavage it R teh luv!1! But not much. Because head hurts, stole maeyan's last Excedrin migraine, and am going to crawl back into bed for a bit in a minute.

I feel kind of lost and floaty about the new DW. I'm enjoying it because OMG Doctor Who! On my screen! Not made by Americans! (And I say this as someone who really didn't mind the TV movie that much.) OTOH the shorter format (45 minutes for a whole story where stories used to run around 90 min when put together from their half hour serial parts, and on my PBS station growing up, I was used to the omnibus version) and oddly, the fact that the writer is very obviously a fanboy, are making it all seem too rushed. Like RTD is trying too hard to have a Doctor/Ace relationship right off the bat, when Rose doesn't have that much depth to her yet. I don't find her annoying, but she's not been developed enough yet in terms of personality and background to have earned the level of camaraderie they're trying to play off between her and the Doctor. It's enjoyable; I like when there's that level of comfort and closeness and "Plan 9-c?" between the Doc and his friends -- I just feel like it's too soon.

Then there's Who fandom, about which I've always been kind of conflicted. On the local level, dude, I became friends with maeyan and later we both became friends with sarabi, because we were among the few semi-fanatical Whofen on campus. And my first exposure to cons and fanfic came from similar circumstances in high school, with a friend who disappeared into the wilds of Chicago while I was in college. With my TomDoc hat, the wee ratbastard! I owe him 20 bucksish though, so I suppose we're close to even.

But on the internet level, I never quite connected back in 95/96 etc. when I first got online. Partly because the sheer sudden numbers of people who'd been talking this stuff to death for years while I was off being a feral fan made me feel (quite rightly) like an utter n00b, partly my own general shyness. (You in the back who are about to point out my BOOBIES OMG! icons and general whorishness in Buffy fandom can pipe down plz. :-P I am shy, for real.) Maybe a bit of it was the level of crayzee in the crayzee parts of the fandom, but honestly Jossverse has crazier. And probably there was the fact that at heart, I am a shipper. Not usually a canon shipper, X-Files aside, and definitely leaning towards boyslash, but in general, I'm going to be looking for the romance angle between at least one set of characters. And DW is overall a gen fandom. It's overall a gen show, so this is not surprising. But for whatever reason, I mostly lurked through two or three years worth of online fandom in DW, then slid away.

And that was partly due to sliding away from the new canon, what there was of it, which is point three on the "Am I actually in this fandom now?" table. I read and mostly enjoyed my way through all of the Virgin Publishing 7th Doctor New Adventures including the post-Doc Benny Summerfield books, and they're sort of pseudo-canon in my mind. I didn't read all of the Missing Adventures (past Doctor stories); just here and there. Same for the BBC novels -- made it up to... where Sam Jones leaves, I think, and then gave up on that canon. It was just too convoluted for me, possibly too dark, definitely too SF in places (where the tv series has always been a mix of SF, pseudo-fantasy, comedy, historical shenanigans, etc.) and too deep into the history of Gallifrey for me to follow or be comfortable with it.

So now we have this new series that seems like it's possibly taking its canon from the BBC novels, with as yet unrevealed backstory regarding the Doc's home planet, etc. Which is stuff that I missed out on because I gave up on the novels. I get that we're not meant to have to have read the novels to enjoy the broadcast story, but there's a good 5 to 7 years worth of canon or semi-canon that the current active fandom knows, and I don't. So... am I old school because I'm familiar with the broadcast canon? Am I a n00b because I drifted away from the BBC novels, plus I was never active in online fandom even when I was there? Do I even want to be active in DW fandom now, or stick to the safety-net of my friendslist, which has a reasonable mix of "OMG Doctor Who, this is nifty, where are the Doc/Rose communities?" and "So you do know there was a show before this one, right?" folks.

And it's not like there's fic waiting to burn its way out of my keyboard, and my discussion needs are pretty well served by the people who are currently around, so far, so...

Bed now.
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