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Well Shit. It's Blank Verse Blog Week. I Forgot.

So now you know I really have no life:

Deep Thoughts of Who, Except Not Quite So Deep

More deep than "Boobies! Whee! It R teh luv!
But not by much, because my brain, it hurts.
I stole some drugs, and soon shall come the bed.

I dunno how I feel about the Who.
I like, for OMG, it's Doctor Who
Upon my teevee screen, not made by Yanks.
(I did not hate the 8-Doc movie, but....)
On hand the other, shortform feels too rushed--
Three quarters of an hour makes things go fast
Compared to older eps of twice that long.
And Davies is a fanboy-- which is nice,
But somehow seems to make him push too hard
For deep relationship 'tween Doc and Rose
Like unto that which Ace and Seven had.
I don't mind Rose; I like her well enough,
But she's not had enough development
To earn the trust and friendliness they play.
I like it; I just feel like it's too soon.

And then there's fandom, am I in, or no?
I always had some issues on that score.
On home-grown scale, it's been the best of things:
In college, all my BFFs loved Who,
And cons and zines and fic, I owe it too
From high school days with friend now MIA
Who stole my hat, although I owe him cash.

But on the net, I never quite fell in,
In ninety-five or so, when first online.
So many people'd had so many years
To talk and bitch of Who, I felt a n00b
(As n00b I was, my feral fannish self).
And I was shy, which did not help my case
(Hush up, ye Buffy fen who think my cries
Of "BOOBIES OMG!" make me a h0r.
I'm shy. I am a wilting flower, yo.)

Perhaps it was the batshit of some fans,
As well, but truly, guano isn't rare
In Jossverse either. Probably, in truth,
It's more that I'm a shipper, at the heart.
Not often canon (X-Files doesn't count
For reasons that -- hey look! The Goodyear Blimp!)
And boyslash is my true magnetic North,
But shipper -- I'll be looking for Teh Lurve.
And Doctor Who is gen, both show and fen.

So for whatever reason, I just lurked,
And finally slid away to other lands.

It partly came, as well, from all the books,
Which calls point three to "Fandom, yes or no?"
I read and liked the New Adventures, yeah,
With Seven-Doc and Ace, and Benny S.
And diligently followed BBC
Until Sam left, at which point I gave up.
Too deep and too complex for the small screen
And dark and played too much with Gallifrey
And hard SF, and lacked the comedy
That tv eps had always had for me.

So now there's this new series on tv
Which seems to take its canon from the books,
The BBC ones, Timelord wars and such,
Of which I didn't read, 'cos I gave up.
(I learned in passing of events therein,
But didn't read the books themselves, I mean.)
I understand we're not required to know
The stories in the books, to get the show,
But current online fandom, there's the rub.
They know things from the novels, and I don't.
So am I Old Skool Who, from broadcast eps?
Or am I n00b because I dropped the books
And lurked about the fandom, way back when?
And do I care, or is it good enough
To hang around my friendslist, where it's safe
And "OMG, Doc/Rose!" is fairly met
With "So, you know there used to be this show..."

It's not like I've got heartburn from the urge
To post the fic I not-so-often write,
And talky-talk is satisfied right here
Among the folks I know are fairly sane.

So... bed now, while I download epi 4.
(I r a pirate, OMG one one!)
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