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Hurray! It's Sunday
So no more blank verse for me.
Except it's Monday.

As it's 1 a.m.
I guess it counts as Monday.
So this week: haiku!

Oh God no. Just kidding. My brain would melt and puddle out my ears.

In other news, on Thursday I hit the Game Stop (used game and dvd store) and scored, for about 50 bucks total:

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (we already had Bogus Journey, thank you Papa John's pizza)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie)
Wicker Park
Hush (a rather melodramatic but not bad thriller w/ Gwyneth Paltrow)
Starsky & Hutch
Can't Hardly Wait
The Cutting Edge (Toe pick!)

Mind you, Wicker Park, Hush, and S&H are probably going back for store credit; they were ok for watching once but not necessarily anything I want to keep. Still, I was happy with my entertainment haul.

Also, I'm thinking of joining a gym, but my admittedly cursory research into local ones isn't filling me with glee. Group exercise activity of any sort is somewhere below Republican National Convention on the list of things that I want to attend, so the criteria are: has weight/cardio room, has pool, will leave me alone to do what I want to do, is somewhere near either downtown or my home, and does not cost a gazillion dollars a year. So far the two best bets seem to be Bally's or the IUPUI natatorium, but Bally's has pissed me off by describing the types of membership on the website, but not the cost. Get to 'costs' and it's a form that you fill out asking them to call you about memberships. Uh. No. And the natatorium is nifty, close to work, and has attached parking, and a 10% discount for state employees, but it'd still be over 200$ for a 6 month membership with access to both pool and weight room. Meh.


2005-04-25 03:46 pm (UTC) (Link)

I have a similar thing with the Health center that's literally next door to where I live. They have a pool, weights, excercise equipment, the works. Will they tell me how much it costs on their website? No. Plus half of their info is all in pdf files for no good reason whatsoever, so it makes me cranky. Attempts to contact also do not pan out so well, so at this point I think I'm stuck walking over there to see if I can find a person to explain it all to me and my work schedule doesn't make that easy to do.

Grump grump grump.


2005-04-26 01:40 pm (UTC) (Link)

Plus half of their info is all in pdf files for no good reason whatsoever, so it makes me cranky.

Welcome to my life evry time I have to look up a statute in the Indiana Adminstrative Code. Grrrrrr. The straight Indiana Code, which is state laws that govern everybody, is nicely laid out in html and completely serachable. The admin code, which is just the laws that create and govern state agencies, is in PDF. Or even better, WordPerfect!


2005-04-26 02:29 pm (UTC) (Link)

When I rule the world - and by God, one day I shall - I'm going to make it forbidden to use pdf unless you absolutely positively have to. And even then you've got to get my approval.

Next on the list will be links to websites that have embedded movie files without warning people that that's what you're linking to. I have cable at home, DSL at the office, and those @#$%ing websites still freeze my system while I cool my jets waiting for a movie file to load that I didn't want to see in the first place. Grr.

BTW? I got a booklet from the health center in the mail yesterday. Tons of information about classes and such, which is nice, except they all say "For members only" without anything at all in the booklet - which was magazine sized - about how you could become a member. head -> desk