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This is my brain on enough sleep

So I dreamed that I was assisting an insurance adjuster, who was interviewing someone about an accident. I think the someone was astarte99, but it's a bit hazy.

Insurance adjuster (a woman, who doesn't map to anybody I can think of in RL) has a clipboard w/questions, etc, and I have a few pages that already have massive amounts of (unrelated) notes on them. So person-who-may-be-astarte99 says "Aren't you taking notes too?" And I hurriedly assure her that yes, I am, though I don't need to take as many because I'm just assisting, and I rapidly flip through my notebook trying to find any blank space in which to take notes.

Then Insurance Adjuster Lady says something like "We do have to get on with this, because after the interview, I still have to adjust you." And the dream-camera pans over to the corner, where there is a chiropractic table. Because apparently with our company, you get that kind of adjustment too.

This is what happens when you go to bed at a reasonable hour. See? See???
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