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Oh, by the way?

*turns cartwheels*

Starting next April, assuming it doesn't get repealed (because spending time and effort to repeal it is going to put money in those starving children's mouths, Rep. Crawford.) , Indiana will be on Daylight Savings Time.


(Granted it's going to suck for my fellow Hoosiers in northwest and southwest Indiana who've been doing DST all along, but on Central Time, if the whole state gets switched to Eastern - which hasn't been decided yet. But still. DST!)

(This entire post immediately identifies me to most Indiana residents as someone who a) grew up in one of the renegade counties that practiced DST all along, and b) now lives in a non-time-changing county. Yup. Cope. Deal. I've lived in central Indiana for ten years and got used to the practicalities -- though am still annoyed at what I see as the idiocy -- of no time change within the first six months. Your turn.)
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