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Dear xanphibian: Thank you for the yummy-smelling lotion, which is currently making my hands smell yummy. I imagine the body wash will do similarly when I actually take a shower again. (NO I AM NOT SMELLY! I JUST TOOK ONE THIS MORNING!) Also WTF because no way should you be spending money on sending me such things. *spanks you*

Dear World: Thank you for not buying me Dead Like Me season 1, for it wasn't until I was halfway out to the car after picking it up in Best Buy (along w/ Tru Calling S1 bouncebouncebounce) that I remembered it was on my wishlist and ohshit and luckily it was still there when I checked (and is not, anymore) so whew.

Dear full-length mirrors at Catherine's: Thank you for not making me feel like shit. That was unexpected and gratefully received.

Dear Liz & Me: Thank you for making size 22 jeans that fit me, even if they are stretch ones, because OMG that's even better than the mirror thing and I will be happy every time I wear them. Whee.

Dear forgettable clothing line that nonetheless made the gorgeous green dress that was marked down from 99 to 50-something and is 4 sizes smaller than I'm used to wearing: I love you. Now to sew up those sideslits that go up to my damn knees because um no, not for work.

Dear bathing suit makers: not all fat women have big boobies. Oh well; I didn't actually need a new one anyway.

Dear money: *waves bye-bye, but not sadly, for bargains OMG*

Dear me: *smooch*

And now, Angel meme:

A Fun Angel: The Series Survey
Did you follow Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?Yup.
What did you think of Doyle?Cordy/Doyle/Angel = OT-mixedgender-3.
Was Wesley a good replace for Doyle?No, because Wesley wasn't Doyle's replacement.
Who do you ship from the show?In fic: Angel/Doyle, Angel/Wes, Angel/Spike, occasionally Spike/Wes, Doyle/Wes, Wes/Gunn. On the show, or in theory: almost every possible pairing barring see next question, though especially Angel/Lindsey, Cordy/Doyle, Wes/Lilah. They could've sold me on Angel/Kate. Darla/Dru. Faith/World.
Who do you refuse to ship from the show?Wes/Fred, Fred/Gunn, Cordy/Angel, Eve/Anyone.
Which season was your favorite? Why?Changes daily, but is never 3.
Which characters from Buffy did you want to see as regulars on Angel?That could ever have happened? Faith. In happy happy land? Xander in season 6.
Faith: Like her? Loathe her? Don't care about her?Thought she deeply needed to get over herself in BtVS late s3 and s4, on first watching. Have more sympathy for her in those days now, in retrospect. Adore her on Angel and in BtVS S7. She's consistently hot throughout, though.
What did you think of Fred and Gunn's relationship?The less said the better. I like *Fred* - I just don't like her with Wes or Gunn. Oddly, despite me being an Angel/m ho-shipper, I could see Fred/Angel.
Did you want to see more of Darla?Only in S4, because ghost-Darla was cracktastic, and needed a *much* better explanation than was provided. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the level of Darla-ness.
Which season Wesley is your favorite?All of them. All your Wes are belong to me.
Which was better, Spin The Bottle or Smile Time?Ahahahahahahahaha. And I say this as someone who does not actually despise Spin the Bottle.
Did you cry when Cordy, Fred and Wesley died?*prepares to be shunned* I cried for Fred, and only Fred. This has to do with how Fred's death interacts with my death issues, not my relative amounts of love for the characters.
Was Angel out of line by erasing his friend's memories when it came to Connor?Yeah. I think there were ways it could have been done which would *not* have been out of line, but the manner in which it actually happened, which affected their memories of their own personal experiences and their personalities, out of line. Especially in Wesley's case, since Angel continued to resent him, but Wes had no way of knowing why. Also, I actually can't see why he couldn't have left them their memories, and just taken away Connor's. Which under the circumstances I would *not* see as out of line.
Did you like street!Gunn or lawyer!Gunn better?Lawyer Gunn was hot, but the reason for his existence was a huge fucking WTF to me, because that "Just the muscle" crap was in fact.... crap. And came flying in out of left field.
Are you one of those creeps who believe Fred and Lindsey were twins, seperated at birth?I find it sad that I know the source of this question, though even in he case of said completely barmy and deeply homophobic source, 'creeps' is probably a bit rude. So anyway, uh, no. As a plot idea for a single story, it could be interesting. As backstory for *every* damn story that involves Lindsey, and/or spec for the show itself, it's on crack.
Who was better, Angel or Spike?STFU.
Who do you think survived the alley?In The Mind of Joss Whedon (TM) or in the land of all possibility? I think he intended for Gunn to die, probably, and Angel, Spike, and Illyria to survive. But in the land of all possibility, all of them, bar, obviously, Wes. Especially since I *hate* character-statements being taken for the gospel on what's actually true, a la Illyria's prediction that Gunn won't last ten minutes. (Which could easily mean that he'd only be able to *fight* that long before collapsing, frankly and in no way fan-wankily.)
What happened to Justine? Is she still handcuffed by the docks?!Yes. Yes, she is. Every Christmas the children come and wrap lights around her.
Do you think Dru and Darla had sexual relations?I think we need a quick tutorial on the difference between "subtext" and "Jesus, they were feeling each other up ONSCREEN."
Who did Angel belong with, Buffy or Cordy?Angel is a man-whore, and belongs with everyone, potentially. Optimally? Wes. In absence of Wes (and Xander)? Spike.
Favorite overall episode?I don't think I have one.
Do you think Joss needs to create a new series based on characters from Angel and Buffy?I would love one; I can understand why Joss might be sick of it, though.
Do think Wesley deserved forgiveness for kidnapping Connor?I think Wes fucked up on the not sharing his info with others front, but in general? I thought and still think Angel was so far out of line it's not funny, and don't give a flying fuck about 'take my kid away and I have every right not to forgive you.' Given his thing with both Cordy and Gunn about being willing to kill him to protect theselves/others, the hatred of Wes for taking his child away to protect the child was beyond hypocritical, and no, I don't cut him slack because it was his *child*. That's the whole point -- if he cared so much for his child's welfare... argh. Anyway.
Were Lilah and Wesley in love?Lilah was in love with Wes. Wes... could have fallen in love with Lilah, but hadn't yet, I think. He felt concern and probably love for her, but wasn't yet romantically in love *with* her.
Did you write hate mail to the WB when they cancelled the series? And, did you send hate mail to Joss when he killed Fred off?a) Only in my LJ. b) Um. Not so much? Thank you for pressing every death-fear button I have, Joss, but aside from that, I love Illyria.
Spike called Wesley Percy a lot. Do you think Spike read Harry Potter?Unrelated to the question, it's totally possible that Spike read Harry Potter; Dawn did, after all. Do I think Spike was meant to be referring to Percy Weasley? No; Percy is about as nerdy, foppish a British name as a guy like Spike could think of to describe what he was implying Wesley's type to be.
Are you glad this is over and done with?Pretty much, yeah.

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