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Birthday Thingie

Which yesterday was. *smooches y'all for birthday messages*

<evil> Including someone singing to my voicemail. *does not reveal who, but they are married and both on my friendslist la la la la* </evil>

So, the one bonus to the Pointless 8 A.M. Seminar Of Pointlessness (pointless for me, undoubtedly useful for people in whose field the presentation was actually involved) at which I spent my morning, aside from the free coffee (of which I drank three cups in order to stay awake in honor of swmbo) and nifty advertising bribe notebook and pen from the software firm, was that it was held directly behind one of the bigger and nicer malls in the area.

I was about to spend my lunch at Borders before driving in to work, when I spotted the Claire's in the same section of the outdoor mall, and remembered that viridian5 had mentioned that soon it will be 10 years since she graduated from college. Me too, and for my 22nd birthday/graduation, which were within days of each other, I treated myself to getting my ears re-pierced. (I'd had them done when I was 13 or so, but I have a habit of wearing earrings less and less frequently after a few years, until oops, they grow closed again.)

Since it was pretty close to 10 years to the day (last time the jewelry store was actually closed when I got there on my birthday, so probably today is actually 10 years), and I had an hour to kill, and books I still haven't read sitting at home, I headed over and asked the nice lady to poke holes in my ears.

And since it was Claire's, and there were toys, and there was a 20% discount with ear piercing, plus sales on the hair items, I bought me stuff. Specifically I bought me a choker, and I bought me a collar (heart looks plasticky and cheesy and will eventually be replaced, but still. Looks pretty with my red blouse, so it temporarily makes me happy.) and I bought me sticks for sticking in my hair and also for vampire slaying but not Spike or Angel because they're hot good. I also bought a black pair with silver kanji on them for maeyan; "Happy My Birthday!" said I upon walking into her office and handing them to her.

And then there was work and then I went home and people had left sounds of singing on my voicemail (2 happy birthday songs! The other one was from my Uncle D., who was remarkably in tune for someone who just had a quadruple bypass.) And the end. Except GIP. Except not gratuitous because obviously there is also talk of STUFF in this post.
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