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And then the entry that makes this spam.

Mostly to make me feel like I am productive. When in fact, not so much, as we well know. Stolen from itsabigrock, fandom-newsletter-style recap of Stuff I've Done this year. Only in order to go with the fooling myself into thinking I've been productive theme, I'm going to say "This Year" = "Since last May" vs. "In 2005."

[FIC - solo]
x. In The Same Boat - Firefly/Buffyverse: River/Spike
x. Unfortunate Circumstances - Wes/Doyle, a drabble in the Skelping universe.
x. Featherweight - Wes, Connor, ats_nolimits-verse drabble.
x. The Next One, With No Snow - Spike/Xander, Christmas Eve 1999. Drabble.
x. Someone Has Issues - Coondergel! For swmbo!
x. Strindberg/Helium! For swmbo!
x. Rightfully-cut deleted scenes from Chocolatey Goodness
x. Wake-Up Call - Spike/Xander, drabble
x. Xander on Spike - ficlet-y thing dredged from ancient comments
x. Things She's Learning - Dawn/Oz, post-Chosen. Drabble.
x. Indelible - Spike/Xander.
x. Among The Ones They Do - Spike/Xander.

[FIC - co-written]
x. 3 Little Fishies: Domestic Piranha #13 - S/X co-writ with zortified
x. Tremor (ats_nolimits Episode 6.02) co-writ with wolfling
x. Complete Breakfast Boys Answer Othercat's Question S/X (ficlike thing, written by me, but using characters from A Part of This Complete Breakfast which was co-writ with zortified)
x. Midnight Run - Angel/Dukes of Hazzard: Bo/Luke, AI puppypile, co-writ with zortified
x. Pixie Sticks: Domestic Piranhas #12.9 - Cordelia, co-writ with zortified
x. Girls' Night Out (ats_nolimits Episode 6.10) co-writ with ladycat777
x. Breakfast At Morrie's: Domestic Piranhas #14 - Spike/Xander, co-writ with zortified

x. A Terrible Beauty by mogigraphia (Ethan/Dru)
x. Definition by mogigraphia (Ethan/Giles)
x. A Temp Is Just A Temp (ats_nolimits Episode 6.03) by magelette
x. Of Old Mystics by wolfling and mogigraphia, Ethan/Giles, is completed, after 3 years. Co-betaed with wesleysgirl
x. My Master's Feet by justhuman - Spike/Andrew
x. Magnetic Sheep by James Lyn. (Original fiction.)

[FIC somebody done writ in zortified's and my co-writ universi]
x. Queen of Hearts - by wondersheep. Domestic Piranhas below-decks ensemble story , set directly after Wet Wedding. (Harmony, Lorne, Larry, Anya, Ethan, David Nabbit and Grandpa LaVelle play strip poker.)
x. Small Fry In L.A. - by jadelennox

[Vids / media files]
x. My Cats Are Dorks.
x. Forget Me Not - The Others (film), narrative, to Bury My Lovely.
x. S/X Kiss footage (small divx version from rubywisp's larger file)
x. Chocolatey Goodness soundtrack. (Yes, this was friendslocked at the time, yes,the links have been made current again. I'm leery of linking to music files in an unlocked post, though, so I'll probably only leave the post unlocked for a few days.)
x. Not Pretty Enough - Blackadder, Edmund/Percy
x. Declaration - Xanderporn, remastered
x. Puppet Orgy: Scruppet Planking

x. Dead Gay Shows icon
x. Canon Is What Happens To Other People wallpaper and icon
x. Buffy, Firefly, and I Capture the Castle icon bases
x. My Little Porny icons
x. S/X Leather Kink graphic and wallpaper (NSFW)
x. End of Days project: Destiny wallpapers and LJ mood-theme
x. Subtext = buttsex icon
x. Icon Of Love! for Kovsky's birthday
x. Icon of Sleaze! for bear's birthday
x. Spike/Xander shirtless hugging graphic and icon, for minitrog's birthday
x. Serenity now! icon.

x. Adventures of Puppet Spike: Puppetry of LIES!
x. Adventures of Puppet Spike: Spike Needs A Harris
x. Adventures of Puppet Spike: What's In Spike's Pants?
x. Xander's No-No Parts Are Not For You
x. Adventures of Puppet Spike: Help! I'm Being Oppressed!
x. Adventures of Puppet Spike: Little One
x. Puppet Orgy: Scruppet Planking (photos by TBQ; see also vid by me)
x. Puppet Orgy: Spike Makes A Booty Call

x. On The Smacking of Xanders (commentary on pipsqueaky's Ordinary vid, but more about fandom and the Xander/Willow relationship)
x. Pending vids meme
x. Didn't Happen: A QAF-DVDs-related play in 2 acts
x. On Nekkid James Marsters
x. Mystery Friendslist Meme 3000
x. In Online Fandom For Ten Years
x. Surnames for Spike In Fanfic
x. Season 6 Willow-Crack
x. A Drabble Is 100 Words
x. Joss' Spike/Angel comments on S5 dvds
x. Spy on Me! meme - my smutpics folder
x. Secret Fannish Shames
x. On Genderswap Fic
x. Not So Deep Whovian Thoughts
x. Not So Deep Whovian Thoughts In Blank Verse

[Episode Commentary]
x. A:ts 5.20 - The Girl In Question
x. A:ts 5x21 - Power Play
x. A:ts 5x22 - Not Fade Away

[Website stuff and other nifties]
x. You Are Not The Good One meme
x. Buffyverse Spankfics List

[Recs I made]
x. Everything's All Right, All Right by zortified. Angel/Wes.
x. Viral recs meme created by nashmaveric, with link to outline-version
x. Manroot: a very bad Spander pornfic by suki_blue
x. Winter - LOtR vid by wolfling and mogigraphia
x. Like Describing the Alphabet - Firefly, Mal/Jayne, by mosca
x. The Bad Man - Spike/Buffy/Spike, by db2305
x. Second Verse - Spike/Xander, by lit_gal
x. Anything Once - Anya/Xander, by flaming_muse

x. I am at VividCon
x. I sing Dawson's Christian for maeyan
x. I am at ConneXions

[Conventions and fannish gatherings]
x. VividCon 2004; August
x. ConneXions 2005; April

[Stupid Shit]
x. Fell down basement stairs.
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