I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Flotsam, Jetsam, Seeing Dead People

1. I have Scrubs dvds. They are on my front porch waiting for me. This is good, because I have watched all of Tru Calling and Dead Like Me's first seasons, and I'm not ready to watch Dead Zone S1 again yet, since I'm still recovering from watching it all the way through on VHS in the space of two days. Two years ago. Er, yes, so I'm on a dvd kick, did I mention that? No actual creative products are coming out of my fingertips nor have they been for months; I'm apparently completely set on intake mode.

2. I tried very hard to listen to For What I Need, but I had to stop it after about five lines. Dear JM -- no. Just... no.

3. I am going to see Serenity next weekend! With maeyan! *cough* Right, I mentioned that. And then we are going to St. Louis to see sarabi and kjwagner and respective spouses. And kitties. And rodentia. And children of the two-legged variety.

4. For no other reason than that I like them (and see first paragraph re: entertainment binge), rec me ghost movies, please? [ETA: English language or dubbed; subtitles give me headaches.] Scary or creepy kind, not comedy/family. Though the ghost (s) doesn't have to be evil; The Lady In White for example is a great creepy movie where the ghosts themselves are benign, if disconcerting, and the danger comes from the living. What else - I don't mind gore but I'm not enamoured of it; given the choice I'd rather not watch body parts being lopped off. I tend to prefer female ghosts to male, but will take either.

Ghost films I've already seen:

Ghost Story, The Others, The Changeling, The Lady In White, Woman In Black (hee), Blair Witch, a zillion variations on The Turn of the Screw, Let's Scare Jessica To Death, The Shining, Ghost Ship, Poltergeist (all of them), 6th Sense, House on Haunted Hill (the modern version), The Haunting (both versions), The Ring, The Grudge (creeped out enough by the American versions, no desire to see the originals), Sleepy Hollow, most of the Amityville films, She Waits, The Nesting, Candyman 1 & 2, all of the Nightmare on Elm St. films (though I liked following the storyline on those, in general I am not a fan of ghost stories that are really slasher movies only the slasher happens to be dead, so not into Halloween or Friday the 13th and their like. Despite having seen many of them.) Most of the Hellraiser movies, which aren't really ghost films per se. [ETA: Haunted, The Frighteners, Watcher In the Woods, Something Wicked This Way Comes] And... more that I probably won't think of until someone recommends it.

Possessed or evil (supernaturally, not just psychotic) children also work, though there I tend to really favor girls over boys. (I've seen Exorcist and the Omen and The Other and Godsend. The End.)

Bonus points for at least some of the main characters actually making it safely out of the situation.

Tags: fandom: horror, firefly, movies, tv
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