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Addendum, minutiae, another non-GIP
1. My head hurts, and I have no Excedrin.

2. And in the "whether you can hear it or not, the universe is laughing behind your back..." department, one of the rumoured sites for the rumoured June 23rd Serenity screen is... Creve Coeur AMC, St. Louis. Which is about 10 minutes from sarabi and mr_sarabi. If we'd waited for the next showing, we could've made a trip to see the college gang without having to detour all the way up to Chicago. OTOH, it wouldn't have been Memorial Day weekend, with a built-in day off work, and I wouldn't have got to see the next phase of entropy in my childhood home, or Spanky's Bar & Grill.

3. What would be awesome and will not happen is a pre-screening in Evansville. Birthplace of Ron Glass, home of my (and his) alma mater, and Shyler's BBQ, for which both the local contingent and the St. Louis folks have been known to travel several hundred miles. Just for the barbecue. Sleep in Best Western, eat BBQ, play cards, go home.

4. Nonexistant prankster: *ringring* Is your refrigerator running?
mpoetess: No.
Nonexistant prankster: {crickets} ...Dude. Sorry about your luck.
mpoetess: Got 400 bucks?
Guess what we're {probably; there's a slight chance it's not completely verjiggered} doing this weekend?

5. Icon courtesy a postcard from zortified, circa last August, who claims that it does not represent her, because she is clearly the Good One, due to her having been given rum. Ha I say. Ha.

6. And while most of Whovian fandom (or at least new-Whovian fandom) is probably making "But where's the rum?" jokes, maeyan and I are earworming each other with "Captain Jack was a young man when he went to sea. Oh me young ladies, go and kiss him goodbye..."

7. White Noise is out at the video rental place. I want it. It shall be mine. (Not to keep; I don't buy horror movies. I watch and then wash my hands of them.)

8. Saving Face looks really good: gay Asian girl keeps trying to come out to a mother who is blissfully and probably willfully clueless, and also happens to be unmarried and pregnant. The mother, I mean. April's Shower is also f/f (and/or bi) themed: one of the guests at a wedding shower used to date the bride-to-be, and the relationship isn't as over as they thought. (It's one of those movies that looks like it'll have trouble deciding if it's a smart comedy or a thirtysomething estrogen-fest slumber party a la Live Nude Girls, though.) Also Tim Burton's Corpse Bride looks like great fun in the Nightmare Before Christmas tradition.


2005-06-06 05:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

Are you eating enough greens? Leafy green, not gummy green? And you know most fruits are happier at room temperature than refrigerated...



2005-06-06 05:09 pm (UTC) (Link)

Green gummy worms! Wheee!

Our fruits live outside the fridge. Only cheese, meat, and condiments live inside the fridge, for the most part.


2005-06-06 05:20 pm (UTC) (Link)

Okay, then. :) *gives you a cookie*