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See there? Item 2? Not so much. Possibly the universe is snickering friendly-like behind my back, but that's different. Because there is an Indy showing! W00t! Big Damn Movie! And I can see it again (assuming I get tickets in time) before September without bankrupting myself via travel expenses. Also there are two Canadian showings, among the 35 theatres it's previewing at this time.

Speaking of LJ styles (Hey, do I deconstruct your segues?), after having played with the new ones for several hours this week, and becoming disappointed in their lack of flexibility if I use the easy customizations, and complete impenetrability if I try to adapt the hard-code, I figured out that basically what I wanted was a new color-scheme and header on my longtime companion Opal-modified-by-roniabirk-modified-by-me. So I did that.
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