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Parting of the Ways


Yeah, that's about it for the regeneration. Big sniffles, though. I mean, I came in on Four, and knew about regeration long before I saw it happen. The only docs I really had big sniffly regret issues with were Five (as much because Colin Baker got on my nerves as because I loved PeteDoc, though I did) and Seven (because despite him not being my first, Seven was my Doctor). I sympathise with the people who came in on Eccles and are now at sea, but for those wondering if they're going to continue even watching now that he's gone, I kinda think they've missed a major concept of the show.

Which come to think of it is why despite thinking Doc/Rose and Doc/Jack is cute, I'm not shipping very hard. Not in the OTP It Is Teh 4-Evah Luv sense. Because major concept of the show: the Doctor is quasi-immortal; humanoid companions are not. Humanoid companions leave. It's what they do. I don't think the Doctor's unemotional or asexual and I'm fine with him having romance onscreen. I'm also fine with a fic AU where one of the companions is finally The One for the Doc, and they settle down in semi-domestic bliss, but onscreen, shipping Doctor/Companion as anything more than a temporary thing is an invitation to heartbreak. Because they leave. Rose/Jack, which has less onscreen oomph than either Rose/Doc or Jack/Doc, to me, is ironically the one that has any remote the highest possibility of actually happening as a permanent thing. Because sometimes they leave together.

*cough* Now go back for Jack! And kiss him some more! Both of you!

Jack, btw, is painfully over the top as a character. And I don't care, because a) the writers are aware of it, b) Jack is aware of it, and c) he's so fucking adorable.

Mickey also gets huge cuteness/inate-goodness props from me for this episode. And Rose, brave and squishable as she is here, still needs backhanding for still not getting how much she hurts him when she says things like "There's nothing left for me here." Sweetie, I'd like to introduce you to someone who demonstrates slightly more subtle awareness of other people's feelings than you do -- her name is Anya Christina Emanuella Lame-Ass Made Up Maiden Name, deceased.

Is it Christmas yet?
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