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Why, in god's name why, would you post a LOTR rec on a BtVS, S/X pairing-specific list? Without even saying that it's OT, so people are opening it thinking that it might (god help us) be an S/X rec?

Yes, I know it was a good LOTR (non-slash) Mary-Sue parody. I know it was Kielle's.

I don't care! That's not the point! It's completely OT for where it was posted! Why...are...people.....stupid? Why? Why? Why?



Exploded brain.

(Plus, I ditto everything that everybody said on zortified's bad webdesign rant entry. I made a quiet comment on these types of simple issues, on a list of webmasters for resource sites, where every new member of the group must be approved based on content and functionality of design. While there was a little bit of agreement about the most terribly annoying aspects of one site, in general it seemed to be "Ooh! Pretty! The designer worked hard on it. We should let it in."

The point is not whether the designer worked hard on it. The point is, is the website functional and simple to navigate. Can the user find what they need in a reasonable amount of time, without having to second-guess the designer at every turn. If you have a site whose purpose is to showcase your fiction to the world, you probably want to make it simple to find your fiction -- but it's your call. But if you have a site whose purpose is to provide a resource for a large group of users, why, oh why, would you want to make it a challenge to use those resources? How is this a service to the community? A badly designed website is going to be a badly designed website, no matter how much earnest work the designer put into designing it badly.

La la la rant ends.
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