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Gacked from morgandawn, then... tinkered with.

By limitedbythesky

Androgynous Fonts Stats

Formed: 27th June 2005
Split: 22nd March 2012
Best Album: 'The Beige Album' 6/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw Wesley?' 10/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 10th November 2005.)
Records Sold: 4,188,982 in total (1,673,514 albums, 2,515,468 singles).
Reputation: NME band
OtherIn an interview with the Sun in 2009, mpoetess revealed that Androgynous Fonts composed 'But Why Is The Elf Vodka Gone?' on a lethal cocktail of prozac, LSD and Gilligan's Island mpreg fic. It certainly explains a lot.

Androgynous Fonts Member Profiles


As a lead singer, she'd make a really good mime.


In a poll on the official Androgynous Fonts website, AndrogynousFontsonline.com, thebratqueen was voted in the top 20 guitarists of 2007.

When wolfling started out in June 2005, she couldn't handle any more than 2 strings at a time; now after a long period of dedicated practice wolfling is finally beginning to master tying both shoes.

zortified possesses a wealth of potential but runs the risk of never actualising it. She seems to spend more time in the tabloids with her latest criminal offence spread across the pages than at the studio practicing.

justhuman possesses the unique ability to detune pianos by simply looking at them.

What the hell is a premiere triangle player like wesleysgirl doing with these yutzes?

Single Releases

# Title Date
1 Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw Wesley? Aug 2005
25 But Why Is The Elf Vodka Gone? Nov 2005
17 Please Tell Me This Is A Parody? Dec 2005
12 Ass-babies! May 2007
4 We'll Fix It In Post. Jul 2007
2 Guy Plus Big Stick: A Love Story Sep 2007
1 Who Wants To Live Forever At Giles' House? Sep 2008
2 Raccoons Only Want To Give You Love And Rabies (dedicated to swmbo) Dec 2008
2 The Why Does Every Show I Love Get Canceled/Bite Me FOX/Fuck You WB Blues Feb 2009
1 Pervy Vampire Puppet Love Jul 2010
1 S-U-B-T-E-X-T Sep 2010
2 Your Aunt Kristie And I Have Been Singing This Song For Years Nov 2010
1 Smells Like Queer Credit Dec 2010

Album Releases

# Title Date
74 The Beige Album Jun 2005
12 For Your Convenience, There Is Ice In The Lobby Apr 2007
1 Kyerumption Aug 2008
1 Boobies: A Retrospective May 2010

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