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Mmm, clothes

I mean food. Yeah, that's it. Food. Not clothes. Because after we saw Guess Who at the two-buck theatre1, I in no way went to Suburban Retail Hell again and bought two black shirts, and two purple shirts (different styles and shades) and another orange shirt. (maeyan gives me funny looks, but I like orange, dammit. I don't care if with my haircolor it makes me look like an advert for Tropicana.) And two pair of jeans in a size that would in no way fit me if they weren't stretch denim, but the numbers gave me warm psychosomatic fuzzies anyway. And socks. And underwear with stripes! Stripes! And maeyan did not buy a t-shirt that says, "I'm your daddy," either. And I'm not planning on stealing it from her.

And then, as I pointed out to maeyan, we go to Olive Garden and eat enough that I'll never fit into any of it ever again. Hee. But mmm, Baileys & Cream, and mmm, salad, and mmm, little fried cheese wedge thingie, and mmm, stuffed mushrooms, and mmm, ubiquitous Olive Garden breadsticks, of which I think I managed two, and mmm, manicotti (though by that point it was more like errrrgh, manicotti, which is why maeyan took home most of mine in her box) and mmm, tiramisu because despite the errrgh, manicotti, I was not leaving without tiramisu. Though on reflection, I've discovered that the part I like best is the syrupy cakey bottom layer, and can take or leave the rest... which means really I just kinda like bread-pudding disguised as a fancy dessert.

In unrelated news, my mother had successful cataract surgery (last week, but the 'successful' part was apparently only verified this weekend), and I designed the tattoo that she will never, ever see and I'm still not telling you what it is or where it's going nyah. :D

1 Surprisingly enjoyable; Ashton Kutcher needs to play not-idiots more often. Also, the popcorn did not make me sick. Yay.
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