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via the revival of an old meme, discovered while tagging last year's entries, and posted because finally I found one that's (for the most part) accurate for me.

The game being:
1) go to google.com and type in "You know you're from [your home region here] if..."
2) pick out whichever list strikes your fancy and bold the ones that apply to you.
3) post it in an entry. Duh.

aka Forty-eight ways to know if you are a Region Rat (Northwest Indiana)

48. Oil tanks are more common than trees in your neighborhood.

47. You don't know anything about farming...at least not legal farming.

46. When you need to run out to the store you go to Jewel.
{Or Strack & Van Til.}

45. You call the interstate the "Tollroad"

44. You know what good pizza tastes like, and it's not Papa John's. {In theory, yes; I know the pizza referred to. In practice, I actually prefer Papa John's.}

43. Running red lights is normal! {How this is supposed to be peculiar to Da Region, however, is anyone's guess.}

42. Midway's not an island, it's an airport.

41. You know the night sky is not black, it's orange! {Yellow, from the glow of Balmoral Park in the western distance.}

40. You know roads are just a place for trains to park across.

39. Only a true region rat can tell which town they are in at any given time. {Heeeee. It's so fun to take maeyan up to Lake County. "We're in Merrillville now, right?" - "Nope, Griffith, but nice try."}

38. You love Kohl's (store). {There was a Kohl's anywhere near Lake County before I graduated from high school? News to me. The nearest one was in River Oaks mall in Illinois, as far as I know. Which, ok. The fact that I can tell you where the nearest one was does rather mark me as a regionite.}

37. You measure distance in minutes instead of miles. {Ahahahahahahah yes.}

36. You understand what "Lake-Effect" is.

35. You don't pronounce the 's' in Illinois and you get aggravated when people do.
{To the infinite power.}

34. "What's a sheriff?" {What is with these ones that don't acknowledge the rural half of the region? Granted, we tended to call them County Cops, not sheriffs/deputies, but still.}

33. School isn't cancelled unless there is at least 20 feet of snow on the ground.

32. You know more about what's going on in Illinois than Indiana.
{This was true growing up; since I now live in the state capital, not so true now.}

31. You don't drink soda, you drink pop.

30. You don't consider pigs as being a domestic pet.

29. Your favorite holiday movie is "A Christmas Story."

28. You can see downtown Chicago from your neighborhood, yet it takes an hour to get there!
{The glow therefrom, at least. Again, true growing up.}

27. You think bridges were invented to cross railroad tracks, not rivers.

26. You like White Castle.

25. Your bumper is rusted from road salt.

24. You know that country music sucks. {Oh, 'cause Chicago has no country radio stations... Whatevahhhhhh...}

23. Sometimes you forget that Indiana HAS a football team (Colts?) {If only this were true now, instead of just growing up.}

22. You don't "Cruise the strip."

21. You are skilled at lane changing and know that "All five lanes on I-80 were MEANT to be used!" {I'm skilled at lane-changing and know that all 5 lanes on I-465 were meant to be used. While actually living in the Region, I did not drive in Chicago, because I possess sanity.}

20. You can appreciate the humor of Mancow. {I can appreciate the topics of his humor, but a fart joke is a fart joke, and a 12 year old boy is a 12 year old boy. And Bob & Tom have funnier music. Granted I speak from out my ass, since Mancow didn't get popular until after I'd graduated from college and moved away, so I've only heard him a couple of times.}

19. You know that beaches exist in places other than Florida and California.

18. You always keep at least $5 in change in your car for tolls. {See #21.}

17. You think all amusement parks are called "Great America" {No, but I am confused by the existence of another amusement park called Great America. WTF? Weirdo California people.}

16. You know that not all passenger trains are powered by steam.

15. Your neighborhood IS a proposed third airport. {Hee. No, but I know whereof he speaks.}

14. You know better than to light a match within 5 miles of the Little Calumet River. {There needs to be a bolder font than bold, for the truth of this.}

13. What the hell is Hardee's?

12. You're not really a "Hoosier" {Am too.}

11. Even though you go to school three hours away, you still cant help but watch WGN news on cable each night. {If I'd had cable in college? Yes.}

10. You have motion-sensor lights on your garage and house, but don't lock the doors on either of them! {W.T.F.?? Why does this keep showing up on Indiana-related ones? Are you people damaged?}

9. You leave your car running in the parking lot at the store. {See previous.}

8. You end sentences with unnecessary prepositions ("Where is my coat at?" or "I want to go with!") {Shut up.}

7. You forget we even have a county fair. {WTF? The county fair was the highlight of my year until I graduated high school, and not because I was a 4-H member; I wasn't. Rides. Games. Food. PONIES.}

6. Who needs a county fair anyway when there is August Fest? {The person who wrote this (who is not the person whose site I found it on) is clearly from East Chicago, and thus unaware the Calumet Region does in fact include land located south of US 30.}

5. There is only one LAKE, everything else is a pond.

4. Everyone else at the gas station is from Illinois.

3. The "northern lights" are the flames from Amoco's refinery.

2. You think anything south of US-30 is "Southern Indiana" {You know, this explains so much. Please. Anything south of Lowell is Southern Indiana.}

1. 588-2300-EMPIIIIIIIRE


a) When you're thinkin' Lincoln, Lincoln, better carpeting for less, call National 2-9000, National 2-9000!
b) <svengoolie>BERwyn???</svengoolie>
c) At Celozzi-Ettleson, where you always save more money.
d)Howard Pontiac....Elmhurst!
d) *pays maeyan not to bring up Eagle Man*
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