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Random Ramblings Of a Woman Who Hasn't Been To Work Since Wednesday...

Woo-bloody-hoo! We finished Small Fry II!

(Look, I'm a poet and I don't know... oh, wait. Yes, I do. Ahem.)

Neatly timed with getting our first ever critical comment for Small Fry. From someone whose writing/criticism I take reasonably seriously (meaning she's funny and she knows the difference between their, there, and they're). Not that it's a terribly negative comment -- just that it reads a bit too much like it was written on aim (hisssssss! boooo! irc is so much better), and could be tightened up. Which, of course, it was, for all intents and purposes-- written in chat, that is. She suggested running it past a couple of betas. Of course, who's going to want to beta a 100+ page story that's already been posted, I wanna know...

And SFII is 227 pages. Arrgh! It's also more planned out than Small Fry, though. Small Fry had some questionable POV's in it, because we didn't decide until editing, whose POV certain scenes were in. The only things that really worry me about SFII are that we might have used the 'dangerous Wesley eyes' gag a bit too often, and that the regressed kids are a bit less regressed, this time. Granted, many of the big regression scenes were X/S, playing their kiddiehood up for Angel.

It's also more adult (in other words, more sex jokes ;-) ) than the first one. That's not a worry, just an observation.

So-- what else? Kitten=nutcase. We already refer to the 3 adult cats as a herd of buffalo. The kitten is a herd unto herself.

Posted CG. Posted 2 chapters of CG in the same week. Nyah-nyah!

*Still* feel like I have to get the CG boys out of the convention arc, before I work on anything else solo. Even though I've got... um... Getting Bent, and the Human Condition fic, as I'm mentally calling the spikehumanxander'smumcrazy bunny. And the little xasp 2.25, which could just as easily be an irc fic, added to the list of DP bunnies, if someone wants to write it with me at some point, wink wink nudge nudge.

Today's Zen Question: Why can't I write short smutty PWP's? I always feel like they have to have backstory. Which comes out feeling fake, which makes me stop before I ever get to the sex.

Today's Random Pervy Comment: I really like Maudelin M.'s fic. A Nummytreats newbie, don't know how long she's been writing in any other fandom/pairing. But... um...

In any good and just universe, the answer to 'What is the sound of one hand clapping?' is 'Xander is getting a spanking!'

(Or substitute 'Spike' for 'Xander' with the understanding that the other one is dishing it out.)

I actually did have a more-or-less PWP in mind with this title, so was utterly flummoxed when she started this series, which, btw, nice, I like. Xander has an identity crisis, Spike teaches Xander various aspects of Zen while secretly drooling over the boy.

Okay, then. Must decide whether I'm too tired to cook mostaciolli (probably yes), then read a bit of 'Sex Toys of the Gods' (I officially love Christian McLaughlin) and go to bed with kitten jumping on my head, so I'll be fresh as a daisy for work tomorrow.

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