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Contacts saga update

I have one light blue eye and one dark blue eye. And they're both uncomfortable as hell. (Stole the trial lenses from the optometrist - they expected me to throw them away, kept 'em instead.) The dark blue looks good. The light blue looks unearthly. They're both too wide, and irritate my eyelids.

I have green trials on order in my prescription. These that I'm wearing are nonprescription, which I'm wearing purely for the fun of seeing the colours, and also to try to get used to the size and shape, which are very different from the perfectly comfy clear prescription lens that I was wearing last week.

So, I still have no idea what colour I'll be ending up with. The light blue(left eye, purely randomly) is a Freshlooks opaque. The dark blue (right eye) is a Freshlooks Colourblend, which is very cool -- it's got a dark ring around the edge, a lighter shading inside that, and a clearish bit where your own colour shines through, so it looks at the same time rather exotic, but very natural. Vs. the opaque, which in the blue shade, is very light, bright, chalky appearing. Might look natural on a blonde, but on me, it makes me look like one of those very pale, pushing-albino redheads.

The greens I have ordered are Coulourblend, and if they look similar to the blue except for the actual colour, they might be what I was wanting in the first place. Something that makes my greeny-browny-muddy eyes look actually *green* without just appearing a half shade brighter. I like the dark ring at the edge -- it draws attention to the iris, then the lighter, brighter colour kicks in.

But --- if the green trials aren't comfortable (and I suspect they won't be, since these aren't) then the doctor said she would order thicker, flatter lenses. One of the problems with these that I'm wearing, aside from their annoying diameter, is that they're very flimsy -- don't hold their shape as well as the smaller, thicker clear lenses. They fold up on my finger, and against my eye if they're not put in well.

If we have to go with TFL (thicker flatter lenses, of unmentioned brand) then I have no *idea* what colour range they'll have. Meh -- this is the second brand I've tried. Third if you count the clear. The clear is perfect, but I don't want clear, and they don't have colours in that size. The main brand of colour lenses they push, Acuview, is too curved for my eye, and would be too tight, so they don't want to order those for me; fine, because I wasn't overly impressed with the shades. The Freshlooks are beautiful, but too big, imho, and too flimsy. Brand X thickerflatter, possibly non-disposable, will have I don't know what colours available.

Phbbblt. Somebody just want to inject some dye? ("Can they even dye my eyes to match my dress?" {or possibly "hair"} Identify the quote and win...um... a virtual cookie.)


Left eye. Opaque blue. Yes, it really is that light and solid.

Right eye. Colourblend blue.

On order. Colourblend green.
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