I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

This? Is so cool.

Yes, I recognise that I did that annoying question mark in middle of sentence thing. But.

podslash -- a community for up/down loading audio versions of fanfic (leaning towards slash, obviously, but they'll accept het and gen as well). Empty as of yet in terms of actual stories, but it's just starting. Porn that you can take with you on your mp3 player. Dude.

In other news, I:

  • Saw Sky High. maeyan and I spent the entire movie looking at each other and mouthing sparkling bon mots like "Oh my god, he is so hot" re: Warren Peace, aka Steven Strait. (He finishes speaking. There is silence. Me: "And now I will brood and be sexy.") I believe there was a plot and some enjoyable comedy and some good acting, from the bits that I can remember of when Strait wasn't onscreen.

  • Bought HBP, finally, as well as American Gods and Holly Black's Tithe which I am halfway through and deeply enamoured of.

  • Bought season 1 of Six Feet Under, and season 2 of Dead Like Me and Tru Calling. I should have enough entertainment material to last me until at least tomorrow night, quoth maeyan.

  • Ate way too much midnight diner food, as I usually do on midnight diner nights. But it was goooooood.

Tags: books, food, movies, tv, useful stuff
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