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love for Six Feet Under
Ep. 1x12? Brenda watching Bunny Lake Is Missing while Billy breaks into her place? God, that's priceless and subtle. Well, obviously not as subtle if you've seen the movie, which is about a sibling relationship very much like Brenda and Billy's -- but it's such an obscure movie, and to anybody who hasn't seen it, the fact that a completely non-revelatory scene from it is playing on Brenda's tv just comes off as 'she's scared and depressed and is watching old B&W movies in the middle of the night.' As one does.

Also, Claire is That Chick From Psycho Beach Party. (No, it didn't take me until ep 12 to figure that out, it's just the first time I've made any commentary, so I thought I should throw that in.) So her seeming completely familiar to me while watching SFU songvids wasn't just because she looks like Alicia Witt's shorter, curvier sister. (Also, she was in Can't Hardly Wait, but I knew that already. I just hadn't connected Claire/Can'tHardlyWaitChick to Chicklet.)

Huh - so, does she date a Scooby or pseudo-Scooby in everything she's in? Nick Brendon in Psycho Beach Party, Seth Green in Can't Hardly Wait, Eric Balfour (Jesse) in Six Feet Under...

Random note #37: They need to stop shooting scenes with Brenda and Nate driving. OMG the bad CGI out the windows. I could edit the blur-lines around their faces better.


2005-08-15 03:02 pm (UTC) (Link)

Intentionally? Why?

Although I admit, knowing what's going to happen and actually seeing it and experiencing it emotionally are two different things, so much so that the spoiler didn't ruin it for me nearly as much as I thought it would (which is what happened with a certain BtVS episode, too).


2005-08-15 03:04 pm (UTC) (Link)

Because I'm a spoiler whore; there are very few things I don't like knowing about in advance. [Recent SFU spoiler] is decidedly not one of them - that's a subject I like to be warned about.