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1. My BPAL is here! Bliss totally smells like chocolate whee! (Actually what it kinda smells like is those chocolate-ice-cream-cone scented scratch-n-sniff stickers.)

Immediate lamoid impressions from someone whose command of scent recognition basically consists of 'citrus' 'individual fruit flavors' 'chocolate' and 'perfumey' : I was hoping I'd love Bon Vivant, which is supposed to smell like strawberries and champagne, but I'm getting an opening impression of strawberry-scented incense sticks, which was perhaps not quite the delicate blend they were going for. It's not bad, but I didn't immediately fall in love with it. Absinthe... um. Eau de Pine-Sol and Ben-Gay combined, with just a hint of really strong toothpaste? Probably not the scent for me, though on second sniffing it wasn't as immediately "OMGWTF" as the first. Crossroads... kind of perfumey? In a way that smells more like traditional perfume than the rest so far. Ditto Marquise De Mertuil. Blood Kiss... fruity and alcoholic. I think I like it. Vice is very sugary, but with a weird edge that puts me off when smelling it just out of the bottle. It seems to lose that on skin, though, and smells quite good. *sniffs right wrist again. OMGBliss.

2. Fandom love for su_herald and its editors, and metafandom likewise. It really hadn't occurred to me just how much work it is to put those together, until I saw a rundown of the various procedures used just to compile the metafandom links, let alone the Herald ones. I get much joy from both, and really appreciate the time and effort the editors put into them.

3. I am going to see my family tomorrow (cousin's birthday party), most of whom (bar my mother and uncle, and even they haven't seen me since May) last met me six dress sizes ago. This will either be fun, or really, really annoying. Or both.
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