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This *is* my inside voice.

Six Feet Under Season 3 kvetching:

Y'all know how much I hate main-character death, yes? At least some of you know how absolutely terrified I am of death in general (shut up I'm watching for the gay and because Claire is hot shut up and because some part of me wants the 'ghosts' to be confirmed as real because obviously eyeroll that would mean ghosts are real in the real world too and thus there is an afterlife yes I have Issues obviously eyeroll shut up also I lost all my commas).

So you can appreciate the strength of the complete distaste that prompts me to say

Dear Lisa Kimmel Fisher:

OMG DIE ALREADY! I know you do, and I keep hoping beyond hope that it's in the next episode, but you keep torturing me by continuing to exist. Go! Feel free to get reincarnated as not the most annoying woman on the face of the planet, or something, but LEAVE MY SCREEN.

Ob disclaimer: I know Nate turns into more of a dick, later, and he's hardly blameless now. I don't care; I still hate her. My GOD, the woman is a walking passive-aggressivegasm.
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