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State of my Saturday

The World OMGTM, since justhuman asked, was hot. Esp as my car has no AC. Also like a dork I left one of my Carmex pots in the car when I went into Kinkos, then came out and opened it, resulting in my jeans and the bottom of my shirt getting a nice spatter of molten camphormentholwaxoilstuff.

I got passport pictures taken, which is why I was at Kinkos. The difference between the new ones and the one from 1993 that ...graces... my current (expired) passport is astounding. Cheekbones wtf? Where did those come from? Though I am wearing my smug face, maeyan; it's not so much an issue of not being able to smile naturally as it is not being able to maintain a natural smile while the guy futzes with the digital camera for 30 seconds before finally snapping the shot. Then I mailed off the whole kaboodle to the federal government for renewal. I've no great hope that it'll be back in time for me to take with me when I go to visit wolfling at the end of the month, but I figured it was worth the effort just in case. A passport isn't required to cross the Canadian border (though it will be after 12/31 of this year) but you do have to provide either a passport or a birth certificate as I.D. I've got the birth certificate, but I'd much rather use a passport than hand them my crumbling original certificate, issued in 1978.

Considering the hotness of World OMGTM, my temptation was to head over to the nearest movie theater (Clearwater, for those playing the home game, since there isn't actually a Kinkos on our side of town), and indeed I did head in that direction, but there wasn't anything playing that I felt like seeing by myself. So instead I hit Barnes & Noble and picked up Valiant by blackholly (yes, I get a minor thrill from being able to use LJ user names for actual real live can buy them in B&N authors, despite the whole them not knowing me from Eve-ness)and The Blue Girl by Charles DeLint, then headed next door to the Mongolian BBQ place we're always smelling the smell of Evil Delicious Meat from but have never gone into before.

Surprisingly, it was not an Applebee's clone (from outside it has that very steaky sportsbar / Lonestar scent) but is in fact a choose-your-own-stirfry place. You take a bowl and pick one type of meat/seafood/tofu/etc. (I may have, uh, missed that fact, and chosen about five) and any number of vegetables (I may have, uh, missed the thing about the meat and thus only had room left in my bowl for beansprouts) then take another, smaller bowl and fill it with any mix of sauces you like, and finally bring both up to the big bar-like circular grill, where they stirfry it for you, add the sauce, stirfry it a little more, and hand the whole deal back to you on a plate.

Meanwhile your waiter has brought more rice than one human could reasonably eat, a container of warm flat tortillas in case that's your stir-fry thing (it wasn't mine; I stuck with about half the rice), and your drink to your table. Service was awesome. (And no one said boo to me about the meat/veggies thing - I just noticed the instructions after I had already brought my bowl up and it was on the grill, and cringed. Ah well. A bowl is a bowl is a bowl.)

I ended up having a salad, and a really really tasty stir-fry of steak bits/chicken bits/bacon bits (er, small slices of bacon, not salad-type bacon bits)/fake-crab bits and shrimp. No, it really doesn't taste bad or weird together; go figure. After being stir-fried together in the same sauce (mostly BBQ with a bit of ginger and some sweet & sour) the tastes don't conflict much, and the variety of textures was nice. Then I made the dubious1 choice of ordering their 'mini' caramel apple cobbler for dessert. This thing is allegedly the smaller version of the regular apple cobbler. It comes in a sundae glass. Yeah. My waiter handed it over with a 'not so mini, huh.' I concurred.

And then I ate it all gone. :-P

And then I stopped at OfficeMax (where I was pleased to see they were collecting donations for the Red Cross) and bought a set of cheap shelving for the basement so there's something to stack laundry on besides the towering pile on top of the dryer that's always threatening to fall over, and then I went to AJ Wright (think TJ Maxx only... with a different name) and wandered around looking at the clearance items before purchasing absolutely nothing, and then I came home and put the shelves together (they currently sit just beneath one of the new smoke detectors that I bought yesterday; we now have a working one on every floor of the house, which makes me feel less like I'm auditioning for Stupid Homeowner Tricks, at least) and then I made this entry to show how EXTREMELY EXCITING my life is ohyes!


1 Dubiousness not based on the taste, which was delicious. But in addition to the general size, fully half of it was Evil Lactose From Hell vanilla ice cream. It hasn't made me ill yet...


2005-09-04 05:07 am (UTC) (Link)

The first winter in the house I set off the smoke detector in the living room with a puff of smoke from the woods stove... okay, a big puff ;-)Problem was that my house was owned by an electrician, so my smoke detectors were wired together so that if one went off, all five went off. I had to unplug them all and de-battery them.

Now there was one independant smoke detecter/carbon monoxide detector that still goes off when I look at the over the wrong way (whether it's on or not), so I knew I was covered for a little while I got the others hooked up again... like a year an a half.

Yeah, I know the feeling about stupid homeowner's tricks


2005-09-06 01:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

Our smoke detectors tend to die violent deaths from incoherent rage when they get set off by something non-lethal (burnt popcor etc.) and then wont shut the hell up and the battery won't come out...


2005-09-04 08:28 am (UTC) (Link)

Thanks. Reading this reminded me that about two weeks ago one of my smoke detectors' battery went belly up and I took it out. I eventually remembered to buy new ones about a week later, but they have been sitting on my desk here since then.

The reference to Stupid Homeowner's Tricks was what actually got my lazy butt in action to go put the new battery in.

I figured you might like to know, and feel all helpful-like. ::G::



2005-09-06 01:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

Yay! Glad I could contribute to your potential safety.


2005-09-04 05:08 pm (UTC) (Link)

Mmmm... Mongolian BBQ. Haven't had that in a while.


2005-09-06 01:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

It was damn good; not what I was expecting, but quite possibly better.