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Look, sarabi - a post!

Had dinner with sarabi and mr_sarabi in the wilds of Just-Outside-of-Town. Want to buy every t-shirt sold in the restaurant gift shop except the ones in the section that looks like Mary Engelbrecht vomited all over it. Sampled various Burt's Bees hand-creams (I'm a Carmex addict; I'm always looking for some form of methadone) -- this smells like neither almonds, nor milk. It smells like wet epoxy. Quoth sarabi: Snikt! This, on the other hand (hee!), smells like banana-flavored Laffy Taffy. Mmmmmm. Except I'd be continually wanting to eat myself, and if I bought that and more Bliss, I wouldn't have any skin left because I'd have devoured it all. Also I am broke because I totally fucked up my checking account somewhere about two months ago and managed to continue the fuckup, despite frequent re-calculating, until this week, and thus have about 60 bucks left til payday. *hearts maeyan for buying me dinner*

sarabi has not yet seen Captain Jack Hotarkness! This must be remedied.

My new passport arrived! Now they will let me flee to Canada go see wolfling at the end of the month. Whether the U.S. will let me back into the country once they realize they've finally got rid of me is anybody's guess.

Yes, I am going to bed now.

PS: mr_sarabi is not, repeat, not gayer than a tree-full of monkeys on nitrous oxide. But the parrot is.


PPS for anybody who wondered: the tag 'offline friends' refers to where I met them; they're not 'offline' in the classic sense. It's a tradeoff between that and 'RL friends' which implies that the people I've met online aren't real. When we all know that everybody on the internet is real except my sockpuppet, kita0610.
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