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Weird Question For People Who Commented On A Past Entry

Cat (one of the late commenters on the entry in question) is doing a study that involves slash in BtVS, and would like to use/archive/quote the thread -- here in her work. She won't quote anyone who doesn't want to be quoted, but in order for her to know who doesn't mind being quoted, would anybody who commented on that entry, reply to this one, with a yes or no, if you have time? If you don't reply, or don't see this in time, the default will be that she won't use what she doesn't have permission to use, so there's no obligation to speak up -- it would just be helpful to her.

And in other news, finally bought the Buffy S1 DVD. Was amused by the shiny sticker on the plastic wrapping that said "Includes all 24 original episodes!" Er. Yes. There being only 12.

Tags: fandom-bitching/snark, fandom: btvs/angel, meta: slash
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