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They let me back into the country. Yes, I was surprised as well.

1. Saw Serenity with wolfling. Enjoyed it as much as the first time, and significantly more than the second time, though to be fair to the second time, that one involved missing [OMG SPOILER] and everyone's reaction to it due to my own bad reaction to the popcorn oil.

2. It's not the best thing since sliced bread. What it is, is a Big Screen continuation of Firefly for the fans (albeit with some continuity issues, as is its creator's wont), and a decent SF movie for the nonfannish (or at least non-FF fannish). Like, say, Ebert and Roeper, whose reviews were positive, though couched in "If you like this sort of thing (space opera), you'll like this" tones.

3. So if you saw Serenity and found a million plotholes and are disappointed and want to post about that, don't feel guilty or stifled on my account; I speak not for all the squee-ers, but for myself, I totally understand the urge to pick it apart. I've been doing it on various fronts for months, see above re: continuity issues, among other quibbles and moments of WTF -- but the squee happens to win in my own personal tally.

4. And if you have no intention of seeing Serenity and don't get the buzz/hype, I feel for you too. This is me and... most of HP fandom. I read the books in my own sweet time, watch the films whenever, and blink in mild bemusement at the fannish aspect of it, because it's just not something that draws me that way, or builds up that much enthusiasm in me. Ditto LotR. Ditto the last 3 Star Wars movies, only one of which I've seen.

5. OTOH, if you haven't seen Serenity and don't intend to because you hate its very existence due to your Joss Whedon dislike, and are chortling over its supposedly disappointing box office figures? It's #2 across the board for its opening week, behind a mainstream thriller starring Jodie Foster that's playing on more screens. It's #1 among premiering films. It, unlike the #1 premiering film of the same week last year, is playing to an audience who had to pay $2.80 a gallon on average for the gas to get to the theater*. Your chortles are misplaced, to say the least.

[*This is not a bitch about US gas prices; I know they're worse in other countries. What's being referred to here is the change, which affects both directly and indirectly how much money people have to spend on luxury items like movie tickets compared to this time last year.]

6. Ontario is very much like Indiana, except colder sooner, and it contains wolflings and Timbits.

7. I may in fact now own Season One of the new Battlestar Galactica. (And S4 of 6 Feet Under.)

8. I have a cold.

9. maeyan made 1000 at least 10 paper cranes while I was gone. They're currently hanging across the lintel where the Christmas cards usually go. And they're looking at me.

10. I have an Angel t-shirt! And a suede vest, and a tie-dye Winnie-ther-Pooh t-shirt, and a lacy sweatery thing. And the cats have a BOX omgwtfMOMnewtoynewtoynewtoy! All from zortified. *smooch*
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