I Blame the Dutch mpoetess
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In lieu of content, meme.
Whose results cracked my shit up, thus justifying nothing the posting thereof. Snurched from loreleif.

'Do a Google image search for each of these things, then post your favorite picture that appears on the 1st page of results.'

My name (after playing with several variations that either produced boredom or, God help us, actual pictures of me, I went with googling my full, real name):

No, I have no idea how it came up with this one. But it's an awesome movie, with Lesbian Schoolgirl Love OMG, so I'm not looking a gift ... thingie in the mouth.


My pets' names (*cough* Yes, all 9.):

Thank you, kittens, for netting me bodybuilders, strippers, and attractive Asian boobies!


My crush's name (this would be the shit-cracking-up. Yes, it's only funny to me. Except for where sausages are never not funny.):


Something I'm afraid of:

Well, not her, no. If I knew there was a her, I probably wouldn't be as afraid of the it.


Something I love to buy:

*snicker* Believe it or not, what I googled was 'DVDs,' not 'porn.' Google is scary-smart.


If I had one wish, what I would wish for:

A non-funny scary-smart one, since the terms were some variation on 'proof of an afterlife'. Though Google cheated by going to a church website for it.


2005-10-08 11:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

She does have that androgynous quality that was so hot in that fashion spread we saw ages ago, with the girls-being-boys and boys-being-girls.

[edited to remove superfluous hotness :D ]