I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Voice Post

105K 1:06
(no transcription available)

[ETA - it's me bitching about losing my internet connection. For four freaking hours. Don't bother to transcribe it. :) And now I bed. Again, since I just woke up, saw "INTERNET!!!" scrawled on the back of my hand to remind me to check if it had fixed itself, and indeed it has.

My suspicion is either PeoplePC, or AVG. The first since they're my ISP and the second since at least one other person on my friendslist who's reported something similar is also using AVG as their virus-protection.]

ETA 2 - Apparently, it was widespread, and due to two of the big backbone ISPs that the smaller ones get their service from, Verio and Level 3 going down during the night. Thanks to mr_sarabi for the tip.
Tags: phoneposts, technical issues
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