I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Hmm. Okay, but...

Not the way everybody else is doing the meme, because I'm speshul lazy contrary.

1. Go to any public post in this LJ.

2. Pick out a line from the main post (not the comments) that is at least 10 words long. It can be more than one sentence, as long as it's consecutive. It can be from a regular post, or from fic posted in my LJ. It can't be me quoting someone else, however; it has to be a line I wrote or at least co-wrote.

3. Post it in the comments here.

4. I will respond with which story I think that quote is from, if it's from a fic, or what I was basically talking about in the quoted line, if it's a non-fic entry. You don't have to tell me which is which; I have to guess that.

5. First Next person to stump me gets their choice of:

2 months paid LJ time or
2 months extra userpics or

A drabble set in the same universe as the fic you quoted from, if it's a solo-fic or Domestic Piranhas.

If it's a non-DP co-written fic that the quote came from, you can pick any solo fic I've posted in LJ, and have a drabble in that universe.

6. A drabble = 100 words OMG oneoneoneone! No, but seriously, I mean the 100-word ones.

7. This offer good until somebody stumps me or I go "Oh god, I can't deal with that meme anymore; offer closed!"

8. ETA. *cough* One quote per customer!
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