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I've decided that BPAL should do a Limited Edition called Scents of Fanon. Or, you know, we should take existing BPAL scents and find exact matches and create our own.

For instance, Spike = leather, tobacco, and blood. De Sade is a leather scent, Hellfire combines the leather and tobacco, and there's a number of variations on Dragon's Blood - scents.

(Note: chances are these would actually smell terrible together unless I just got really lucky with my combinations. But you get the idea.)

Buffy = sunshine and vanilla

Xander = ... I've seen chocolate, but I don't know if that's really entered fanon or me just being oversensitive to any reference due to my own association there. ETA: wood chips! Sawdust! Whee!

Outside BtVS-verse, we have Scully - the concentrated scent of strawberry shampoo. (Plus of course Willow tastes like strawberries....)

Who else? (eta - I was thinking of scents that have been over-associated with the characters in fanfic, more than scents that might actually be a good real or emotional representation of them - but that'd be a fun line to make up too.)
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