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Drabble: Conjunction Junction

Domestic Piranhas, for journalkitten.

"You can't think he'd hurt them?" Xander rolled his eyes. "It's Morrie. Give him the tank."

Spike curled his arms protectively around the mini-aquarium. "No! He wants to call our grandkids Sushi and Sashimi!"

"Ducks don't eat piranhas, Spike. Give him the tank."


"Give him the tank, or I'll put you over my knee and spank you right now."

Spike tilted his head. Several times.

"I think you broke his brain," Morrie said.

"Oops," Xander corrected. "Not or. And."

"That makes so much more sense." Spike handed over the tank, then turned to Xander. "Right, then. About that and..."
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