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Icons: fic summaries. *cough*

This batch almost has more acknowledgements than it does icons. The concept is after mctabby's wildly popular Potterverse series of Summary Executions. The impetus to icon was being womanhandled hailed by kita0610 in IM with "Hey, wouldn't it be great if?" The quotes all come from stoney321's The Best(worst) Summaries In Jossverse (for this set - there's another set to come, I think, with the quotes Kita was thinking of in the first place, because Stoney's post was just an unexpected windfall), which were gleaned from UCSL, the much-beloved Unconventional Shipper's List created by katemonkey in Days of Yore, and still going strong today. Want, take, share, enjoy.


2005-11-22 09:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

Now I have to buy extra icon space so I can steal all these suckers.

I AM Dawn's raging bile duct but then you and Stoney came along and calmed my bile duct right back down again with your funny, so now I have a kittenish bile duct that purrs away happily, though hopefully not on your knee because that would be messy.


2005-11-22 09:18 pm (UTC) (Link)

*removes your gallbladder*