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Seasonal things I have

I have a sore throat.

I have cards from wesleysgirl, trepkos, and sihaya09. *smooshes them but not too closely so I don't make them sick*

I have presents from wesleysgirl that I have not opened because I am the Good One.

I have no holiday presents bought myself yet because I am not the Good One sick and helpless OMG! Plz to ignore the part where I only came down with the sore throat yesterday.

I have my BPAL Yule order, and a post where I go through all the sniffies that came within, but it's not finished, so I'll just say Lick It = the scent of a soft peppermint candy, the kind that are like after-dinner buttermints. Guh.

I have no shot in hell of getting cards out this year, and am acknowledging that upfront.

I have a kitty on my lap.
Tags: bpal, health, holidays/presents
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