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I have cards from thebratqueen and wolfling and journalkitten and and and and I have presents from wesleysgirl and justhuman and and and journalkitten made me a foldy-up origami reindeer which I told maeyan she must learn how to make and also I am sleeeeeeepy. And some of these people are not getting their presents until after New Years because ZOMG broke but they know I love them and thus will not feed me to the moose.

And I bought a $4.99 dvd of a 2000 Sundance film called Swimming that has girlkissing with Lauren Ambrose from 6 Feet Under and I made squee noises because even though the box in no way says anything about girlkissingness, I have DVD-dar and I knew it and then there it was.

Did I mention the sleeeeepy?

ETA: Also, fandomhigh is taking applications for new students for the spring semester. Just sayin'. *whistles*
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