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Icon meme, because God knows *that's* going to bring about world peace

Gacked from... a bunch of FH people, most recently jyuu_chan.

Default Icon:

[nonfannish] Raccoon Porn Lady

Raccoon porn lady was discovered accidentally while looking for general coonie pictures with which to terrorize swmbo. I have no idea who she is, but I love her, because she's clearly writing porn with the help of a raccoon, and also she has that lovely black & white elegance that says "I may be writing porn with the help of a raccoon, but I have nicer legs than you, and even though you can't see them in this picture, my sweater totally accentuates my awesome boobs, so nyah." I stole the basic 'you appear to be writing porn' from sockkpuppett's MS paperclip icon.

Oldest Icon:

[Doctor Who] Ace in Ghost Light

tenebraeli made this for me back in May of 2002 (though I haven't always had it in the icon lineup), so it wins as oldest. (Probably next-oldest is sexynekkidxanya, which I made sometime during wes_visions_rpg, which puts it at March or April 2003.)

Newest Icon:

[BtVS] Willow is joy.

Really Aly Hannigan is joy, since this is clearly an OOC shot.

Saddest Icon:

[BtVS] Willow is crying in the girls' bathroom because Xander's sex life sucks.

This is like my teen years pipsqueaky's Ordinary vid distilled into an icon.

Happiest Icon:

[nonfannish] TBQ is nekkid.

Well, duh.

Angriest Icon:

Tie between


[Penn & Teller's Bullshit, which I don't actually watch] Penn says STFU and [BtVS] Buffy in Anne says Not The Day To Fuck With Me.

Cutest Icon:

[BtVS] Michelle Trachtenberg and a puppy. Does this need explanation?

Sexiest Icon:

Tie again? Dunno. or or

[nonfannish] boysex or [BtVS] Spike/Xander or [BtVS] Anya/Xander. Yes, made from different shots in the same scene from Forever.

Funniest Icon:

[BtVS/Angel] Angel reflects.

from Stoney's list of Best/Worst fic summaries, as iconized by Yin.

Favorite 'ship Icon:

[BtVS] It eats you starting with your bottom.

Which is also my default Buffy fandom icon.

Favorite 'fandom' Icon:

See above.

Favorite Animated Icon:

[nonfannish, except it's bastardized from Blackadder, and the bunny girl is a tiny, shrunken, purple-ized version of an unknown anime character] Wishlist 2004, Item 11.

Favorite Quote on an Icon:

[BtVS] Spike/Xander: sexier than a ham sandwich. [Almost.] by destinylight.

No, I don't know the context. That's what makes it the Best. Evar.

Favorite Textless Icon:

[nonfannish] Computer arrrgh.

Granted, I only have two three completely textless icons, and I already used the other two in this meme. But this one wins legitimately in terms of perfectly expressing its point without the need for text.

Favorite 'Borrowed' Icon:

[Edward Gorey] A is for Amy, who really did fall down the stairs, last August (2004). By elfgirl. I love it because of the coincidence, and never use it because of weird superstition issues. Uh. Yeah.

Icon you use most (besides your default):

[BtVS] Willow-boobies. This is my best guess - I'm not sure I really have a 'use most' besides my default.

Favorite Icon Overall:

[nonfannish] *spank*


How many icons do you have total? 80
How many can you have? 100
If you could buy space for more, would you? Likely, yes. I tend to stay under my max amount out of fear that I'll need those empty spaces OMG! So I'd better leave some empty! But the higher the max is, the more I keep in rotation. I have a perm account, though, and am at the max possible now.
Do your icons make a statement about you? Undoubtedly. What statement is probably not for me to judge. Possibly, "Mmm, pie!"
What fandom do you have the most icons out of? BtVS, hands down, at 23-ish for Buffy alone, 30+ for BtVS and A:ts combined.
The second most? A:ts, if we count it separately from Buffy. Otherwise, Firefly.
What ship do you have the most icons out of? Heh. Spike/Xander, BtVS. I don't need to look to confirm that.
Are your icons mostly made by other users? Nope; out of 80, 14.5 were made by People Not Me. (The .5 is because the 'This is not acceptable' icon is a combination of two of swmbo's icons; I did the mutilating.)
Do you make icons? I do.
Are they any good? They're decent; I'm not a master of gradients or brushes, but I get by.
Animated icons are: Best used sparingly. Least intrusive when the animation is mostly text-based.
In general, I think icons . . .: Are kind of like crack, in all the good and bad ways.
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