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A GIP - but wait, there's more!

Oh saraaaaaaaaabi...

Google is your friend and mine. (My friends gave me a light-up rose-quartz necklace that makes awesome neon rings when you swing it around and take pictures of it. They also, however, broke the internet. *looks sternly at mr_sarabi*)

[ETA: for those who prefer their cocks full-sized.]

Also, I tease everyone with promises of scanning in the Gayest. Card. Ever. but not today, because scanner is not attached to this PC. Though if mr_sarabi gets his amazingly-high-res photos uploaded faster than I can get to a good scanner, I'll steal em, ZOMG.

cadhla has a beautiful New Year's poem today. It makes me happy. And we know it's All About Me.

Finally, meme, stolen from any number of people because I've been meaning to post it for a couple of days now, but most recently mrmonkeybottoms:

Leave me a comment totally mocking the way I write my entries. As in, write your version of a typical entry of mine, feeling free to poke fun at any idiosyncrasies [i.e. people I talk about a lot, the way I write, or just anything.]
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