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State of the Something

* Hawksong back up, and has been for days. I... totally remembered to tell y'all that. *waves hands in Jedi-like manner*

* Coffee good.

* I'd say 'Aten't ded yet' but issues, man, issues, with using phrases like that, and I don't mean the grammar.

* I kinda love fandomhigh.

* You kinda probably knew that, and if you're not playing in it, kinda probably find it annoying.

* But it's what I'm doing at the moment. It is my current fannish thing of choice, so... you'll probably hear more, ad nauseum.

* Like for instance, hellooooo new LJ-friends, several of whom have had me friended since long before FH and I stupidly was depriving myself of your presence, due to... stupidness.

* I've been sporadic about being on IRC recently, which is a bit odd for me, but it's mostly because mIRC is One Extra Window in a life that seems to be filled with a lot of open applications these days. People I'm usually in IRC with, I'm on AIM a lot more now recently, and you know my handle there. (Or if you don't, ping me in e-mail and I'll tell you.)


*keeps TBQ*
Tags: irc-folks, rpg: fandom high, state of the me
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