I Blame the Dutch mpoetess
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If, like me, the very idea of the new nudge feature makes your ears boil and skin crawl (yes, despite the fact that it only works for mutually friended LJ's; I read the FAQ), and you find yourself, as usual, muttering about why the hell doesn't LJ consult the frakking users before implementing rude and intrusive crap like this?

Or you know, if it just annoys you and you want to turn it off so no one can 'nudge' you?

Go to the admin console and paste in:

set disable_nudge 1

(People who are having fun with nudging and being nudged and think it's cool, more power to you - I just want to be told it exists before it's put into place, and choose to turn it on, in a prominent place like user settings vs an admin console code that I have to read the FAQ on nudge to find in the first place, not a default setting that I have to turn off. WTF, LJ, WTF.)

ETA: Oh, it's in the frelling FAQ, but it's not it wasn't live yet. See the ears? That was theoretical boiling before.

You cannot turn this off yet. The ability to 'opt out' should be live... in a few hours. It is in fact live now. Which doesn't change an iota of the ranty bits. ;-)

WT-fucking-F, LJ? Do you never learn from the experience of sending shit live that makes sweeping changes to the site, without consulting a user-base bigger than, oh, the development team, or even warning people in advance that it's going to be happening?


2006-01-17 11:35 pm (UTC) (Link)

It worked for me just now. But I have put my complaint in to news. Considering all the discussion at featureannounce, you would have thought they'd make sure it was live and even put it in the announcement. People aren't that easily convinced that something's good for them.


2006-01-18 01:12 am (UTC) (Link)

I found out in one of the suggestions posts that featureannounce was all volunteer run and that sometimes they only get a couple hours notice before something goes live. Also, their posts are commentless, so no discussion... you know, like the obvious question we all had this weekend, if there's an admin control to turn off nudging, what the hell is it.


2006-01-18 04:47 am (UTC) (Link)

You're right. I'm misremembering where I saw it discussed. I meant lj_support :D