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Top 10 Signs You're Reading An MP Story

Stolen from many, most recently othercat.

10. Spike has daddy issues.

9. Giles has Ethan issues.

8. Xander mentions some sort of snack food at least once, and uses the interjection "Er..." when realistically he's much more likely to say, "Uh."

7. The word 'and,' when it appears in a non-humorous fic, will be the glue in a triple-decker sandwich, to whit "nice and polite and happy," "shift and creak and the world turned upside down," "creamy and smooth and shaped like a woman."

6. The letter D is conspicuously missing from the end of the word 'Xan' because the author's Spike/Xander-related output had mostly dwindled to nada before she ever realized that the lack of the precious D was somehow a fanon issue despite the fact that we've never seen Xander's nickname-from-his-friends written out on screen. But she's not bitter.

5. Sex is largely elided with either poetry or humor. Sometimes several pages worth of eliding, but it's still all slippery and avoidy and well-lubricated stuff.

4. Dirty talk is all about the innuendo. If somebody says 'Fuck me' they probably don't mean it literally.

3. Angel is lovingly abused by... pretty much everyone who walks past.

2. There's a kinky reference somewhere. Even if only in the author's head.

1. There's a note attached that says "Last updated in 2001. "
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