I Blame the Dutch mpoetess
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And now, things of great philosophical import.
Or as we say in my country, Mountiespam!

Halt. Hello. Upper appendage.

So you're saying I should take my shirt off, Ray? Well, if it's for justice...

Wait right here. Do not leave my bed. And other completely unnecessary things Fraser has been known to say.

Yeah, I got nothin'. Running. Hat. Flail.

Jeans. Door. Puppy. Bare feet. Bunk.

He kiss pretty.

Adjashgdjkasgh;g;k;jh;kjhkj fingers in mouth.

Suspenders. Undershirt. Not dorky. And other things eclipsed by EYES and WHOA HI ARM.



The End

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2006-02-20 07:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

Heee. I actually get nothing from this set-- I know I should watch at least an episode of this show, just so I can read some of the fic that's out there-- currently my unfortunate immunity leaves me with only a sense of *your* cuteness. ;-)

I'm sorry I couldn't form that into actual sentences.