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In case anyone wondered...

This is why Xander.

This has not been the bestest (though hardly the worstest) Xander-day for me at fandomhigh1, due mostly to the date and that weird RL cross-pollination thing I have going where he's not lonely per se, because he doesn't know to be, but I'm lonely for him. crazydiamondsue inadvertantly reminds me why I love him as much as I do, and very probably why I identify with Xander so hard, despite me being more like Willow in some fundamental and not so pleasant ways.


1And ZOMG, the angst-crack that today has produced in this game which my boy is not even part of... others win the non-stellar-day sweepstakes, by far. *pets Jara*
Tags: character: xander harris, fandom: btvs/angel, recs, rpg: fandom high
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