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Kaliyuga says:

Okay, I'm hurt. Not because it's the end of Spuffy, but because of what they did to my boy Spike. *sob* But I'm not bitter. ;)

As You Were

or "My Needy, Cheating, Abandoning Ex-Boyfriend's Back and You're Gonna Be Sorry":

"Gee, my life sucks! Crummy job, nasty vamp boyfriend, no help at home, and I'm stinky! Ooo, it's my vamp-ho-loving ex! Rowr!"

"Buffy, I need your help! I'm still All-American, I'm still wooden, but check it out, my scar is bigger than Spike's! Oh, the wife...er, I was going to tell you, right, but...uh, did I mention you're a hell of a woman? I love Mary Sue!"

"Hi! I'm Mary Sue! I'm a kick-ass former Peace Corps worker turned demon-fighter, just look at my outfit! My snuggle-soldier and I have come to help you all with your problems, and solve world hunger! I can bake a heck of an apple pie and I can't stop smiling! Love me!"

"I'm still fighting that pesky magic addiction, but look, I'm off the water, and Mary Sue's 2 minute conversation has made me realize how strong I really am! I love her!"

"I'm still a klepto, but thanks to Riley-hugging, I feel so much more well-adjusted! I may not whine till the next episode! I love him, and Mary Sue, too!"

"Planning a wedding is hell! But thanks to Riley and Mary Sue's saccharine example, we feel much better about our love and future! We love them!"

"Bloody hell, you redemptionists! What does it take? I'm still evil, I tell you! Not only that, but now I'm stupid and disrespectful of the woman I love! Next week, it's running over kittens with the DeSoto, dammit! Riley's scar is cooler than mine! Why didn't I get to meet Mary Sue, I'm sure I would've loved her!"


"Riley-wiley, why can't the helicopter land? And look, I'm still smiling! Everyone loved us!"

"Because snookums, this is so much more dramatic! Look, we're rising into the light! Oh, the symbolism!"

"Spike, you're evil! And stupid! But it's okay! No more nookie, William!"

"Bloody hell!"

La la la. Bwahahaahahahahahahaha.
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