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It's ... pretty easy out there for a pimp, really

The Crack That Has Eaten My Fannish Soul, aka fandomhigh, is now accepting student and teacher applications for the summer semester. The summer session is going to be pretty much a summercamp, not classes, but new characters accepted for it would continue on as students/teachers once the 'school' semester starts in the Fall. Basically it's a chance to start a new character in a more relaxed and probably hijinky atmosphere, with less specific requirements on your character than when classes are in session.

Not an admin here - rules questions should be asked on the linked post! But if you want a player's-eye-view of something, or school gossip, or a rundown on the situations of characters that already exist in the game, feel free to ask. I might not know the answer, but I can but try. FH people on my friendslist, feel free to jump in.

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