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World of WTF

1. *points* Bridgey! By Squishy! Which is my default Bridge icon until I gets me a buttery one. :-D

2. Best. Roomie. Ever. (non-fictional) comes into the office last night, says "Without snark, even," and drops

on my desk. Yes, this means you have to squeeze Bridge to make the light go on. Yes, dirty.

3. However OMGWTF! I get into the car this morning and B.R.E. (possibly in doubt, OMG) says, "Okay, if it helps any, I think it's actually Tommy's? But I, um, found

in the street!" .......omgwtftrauma

4. Yes, I now have an SPD tag. Shut up.


2006-04-18 08:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

Believe it or not, yesterday KUOW (NPR at the University of Washington) did an entire hour of intense discussion about Archiving, including institutional records retention standards. I thought of you, but couldn't quite come up with the juice to write anyting amusing about it (except it was so incredibly wonky it might as well have been Canadian, under the standard of the old joke about "panel discussion of Heaven").

Random lost toys and bits of same are one of my favorite objet de strange.

Julia, wondering where the barnacle covered 4" storm trooper has gotten to


2006-04-18 09:17 pm (UTC) (Link)

Roomie has a wee injured bear she found by the side of the highway, woe. I... have not collected Found Toys in a long time, mostly because I have such anthropomorphizing issues that it's already like a have a menagerie at home.