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Am old yay...

I note that I have not made a public post since hey look over there the goodyear blimp!

Not that I have anything exciting to say.

I...spent this weekend playing a Xander who just. turned. five. And he ate cookies and got lollipops and met a fireman and introduced his froggie to a dinosaur and got marryeded and stuffs. And it was the funnest ever except for oh god I am so glad they're grownupinated again because it is tiring being that cute a wee tiny person on a constant sugar rampage. Even if you have the Cutest Wee Tiny Fake Boyfriend Evar.

Acceptance letters for the summer session went out today. :-D See icon.

I like this game a lot; can you tell?
Tags: holidays/presents, rpg: fandom high
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