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Gah! Plus yay, plus I am lame.

In my continuing quest to assure people that I am alive, I report that... I am alive, yay. And I got my driver's license renewed and did in fact so totally smirk, despite what TBQ alleges may have happened. I have pictures to prove it. Which I'm not putting here.

Thank you so much for birthday wishes both here and elsewhere (and on my phone - *waves to sarabi and mr_sarabi*) - it made what was an insanely crappy week much less crappy.

Crappification was due to fighting off a migraine that actually started last Thursday or so, and got really bad starting this Monday - I've only managed to chase it away as of... last night, really, and it's still hovering like an evil little winged monkey. Came in up until halfway through the day on my birthday, because I had to teach class that morning, then after class said "Nuh-uh no way splodeyodey" and called maeyan who because she is love, brought me food and a t-shirt that says "Where my peeps at" and pain-patch thingies that eventually made the badness go away, I suspect, and went home to curl up and die cry hide.

Which is where the gah! comes in, because LJ has so flown past me as I tried to manage even skimming entries or responding to comments. I will try to catch up on at least comments to my own journal, but if I don't manage it, it is not because I don't love you, it's just because between this and two days off work, I'm drowning, not waving.

No drama in turning off comments to this post - just trying not to compound the flailing via the irony of adding more things to catch up with today. :-)

ETA: Gah! And Happy Birthdays to crazydiamondsue, yin_again, taffimai and lucifrix, who's the only one I'm not insanely late for, since hers is in fact today!
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