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  • Dear World: Still here. No, that was not meant as a challenge.

  • Dear Indiana: Daylight Savings Time: Get The Fuck Over It, A Memo From Me To You. I grew up on it, and went to bed while it was still light out in the summer, uphill both ways through the snow, so your kids can too. Quit yer bellyachin'.

  • Dear Movie Gallery: When I found that the case meant to be containing, as wesleysgirl so lovingly puts it, "Emma's Horrible Tooth Fairy Movie" (2002) contained in fact another movie by the same title (yes, Emma's Horrible Tooth Fairy Movie, 1999, the coincidence is astounding except it doesn't have Emma in it or the tooth fairy) I was annoyed at Murphy's Law but only amused by the mixup. Until I took it back, and a combined total of three of your employees alternately stared at it, ignored it, only spoke to me in response to direct comments I made, never came back to tell me if the correct disc was actually in the back, never offered me another movie in its place, and didn't speak to me for about the final 7 or 8 minutes I was in the store, until I gave up on waiting for some kind of contact, and walked out, at which point one of them half looked up from the paperwork she was ignoring me for and said, "Sorry, have a nice day." Possibly to me. Then, I was less amused. Yes, I know it was a free rental because the non-new movies were free if I rented X number of new movies, but the point is I did rent X number of new movies, and didn't get my accompanying free rental due to it being THE WRONG DISC IN THE CASE. Honestly? Mostly I just wanted to see Emma's Horrible Tooth Fairy Movie, and if you didn't have it, a "Wow, that's weird, and sorry, since it was a free rental we can't offer a replacement" would probably have sufficed. Just, you know, some acknowledgement that I was there, standing around waiting for information. As it was I sat in the car being absolutely livid for five minutes, txting kimera and calling maeyan and ranting my fingers/voice out, because going back in and bitching to your employees would've just made my skull explode.

  • Dear people on the Writercon comedy panel: *waves* Will reply to e-mail later today, but all but...one(?) of you are on f'list, so *waves*

  • Dear connexions: There will be a you next year! Eeeeeee!

  • Dear fandomhigh: Still the best crack OMG. *clingz to summer*

  • Dear Meme-sheep:
    watch mpoetess fight

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